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KMC/KOOTRAC has been rebuilding FMC/KMC High Speed Steel Track (HSST) Vehicles for the past 34 years. When we remanufacture/recondition a used FMC or KMC Track Vehicle, we combine many different new, reman or good used parts and components from our very large parts inventory.  We are known worldwide as being the FMC/KMC Track Vehicle "EXPERTS"!  THIS IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS!!!

We assemble these machines as per specific customer requirements and price range. All machines will be in excellent operating condition as well as having a very acceptable appearance c/w new paint.

You have our guarantee that all machines have been repaired, serviced and a pre-delivery inspection completed prior to shipment. All KMC machines carry a parts and service warranty, some greater than others, depending on customer requests and type of machine assembled (new, remanufactured, reconditioned or used).


Remanufacture/Recondition Procedure:

  1. Machine "core" (original machine) to be visually and mechanically inspected prior to being dismantled.
  2. Documented history of recent mechanical reports are available for some "cores" and are reviewed and considered when evaluating repairs.
  3. Parts which do not meet our criteria, mechanically or visually, will be repaired or replaced as required.
  4. Components which we feel are in good mechanical and visual condition will be cleaned, serviced and reused.
    If we do not have suitable reman or good used parts or upon customer request, we will install new parts.
  5. After machine evaluation, each "core" is stripped to the bare chassis, cleaned, repaired (as per customer order), primed, reassembled and painted.
  6. Prior to shipping, each machine is serviced, test driven, re-inspected and final pre-delivery certificate filled out.
  7. Upon delivery to customer, a KMC product support person will personally deliver machine and provide training on recommended operating and service procedures (new and reman machines only).
  8. A complete specialty tool kit c/w parts, operating and maintenance manuals are sent with each machine.
  9. A recommended spare parts kit is also available to be shipped with each machine at a special discounted price.
  10. KMC/KOOTRAC's 34 years of FMC/KMC Track Vehicle experience stands behind these rebuilt machines.

                                   KMC DESIGNATION/CLASSIFICATION OF


 1. NEW:  Machines assembled with new/lastest designed components and material.

2. REMANUFACTURED: Machines assembled with all components completely dismantled, evaluated, repaired to “as new” specifications (using original, remanufactured or, if necessary, new parts).  Re-assembled, tested, painted and pre-delivered.  **- New components, such as tracks & sprockets, torsion bars, roadwheels and idler wheels can be installed at purchasers request – Pricing and warranties adjusted as required.

 3.  RECONDITIONED: Machines assembled with all components inspected, evaluated, repaired as required (using original, remanufactured or good,  used parts) then re-assembled, tested, painted and pre-delivered.

 4. USED: All machines inspected, evaluated, repaired as required, tested, painted and pre-delivered.

                         FMC/KMC TRACK VEHICLE MAJOR COMPONENTS..  

1.  Powertrain: engine, transmission, steering differential, planetary final drives, drive lines.

 2.  Suspension: roadarm assemblies, idler assemblies, torsion bar system, track adjusters.

 3.  Track & Sprocket assemblies

4.  Hydraulic System: control valve, pumps, cylinders, hose assemblies, coolers

 5.  Attachments: decking blades, winch, choker arches, grapples, mulchers

 6.  Fabrications: ROPS, operator cab, radiator guard, fenders, hood, winch guard, air conditioner cover     


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